About Mythical Stones

Here is one site we researched that has lots of information about what is said, about stones : www.healing-crystals-for-you.com 

Mythical Stones is a California Company developed to bring beauty, intrigue, interest, and color into our lives.  We may believe in mythical powers of vibration, that each type of stone, or metal or plant or animal has; but you must decide for yourselves, what you believe. We do not create myths, we only relate what we have found written, by our research department. 

What We Offer

Individually chosen stones, with or without necklace or earring jewelry. We choose stones from around the world. Lace Agates, Dragon Veins Agates, Rutilated Quartz, Onyx Agates, Sea Sediment Jasper, Sodalite, Malachite, 

We Believe in Self Healing

We here at Mystical Stones, believe in personal responsibility for our own healing, balance, inspiration, soul path, relationships, and our own personal ripple.  We believe in karma.  We believe people should seek herbal and alternative remedies to maintain their own health.  We believe there is more to mental, physical and spiritual health, than western medicine addresses.  We believe in doctors too, just not exclusively. 

Mythical Stones